BPO Brokerage Services

Using our vetted network of nearly 100 partners, we help you find the best match to become an extension of your call center. As soon as you feel confident in the match, we work on your behalf to secure an unbeatable rate.

Partners that get it done, right.

Finding the right Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner to seamlessly extend your call center can be a complex task. That’s where our BPO Brokerage Services come in. Leveraging our extensive network of vetted partners, we streamline the process, ensuring you find the ideal match to augment your call center.

Check out the case study below to learn more about what this looks like in practice.

How the process works:

Call Center Power, Call Center Matchmaking Process

			Call Center Power, Call Center Matchmaking 1

Listen to Your Needs

Listening to your needs is the most important step in our process. One of our senior call center advisors will sit down with you and your team to get to know you and to thoroughly understand what you are trying to accomplish as well as answer any questions you have about the process. We will document everything we hear and use that information to guide us through every step of your outsourcing journey.

			Call Center Power, Call Center Matchmaking 2

Compile Business Requirements

Now that we know what is important to you, we need to turn those needs into the business requirements and matchmaking criteria that will ultimately drive your call center partner search. The type of work, location/s of the partner, price structure, channels supported, technology capabilities, industry experience, languages and more will help us determine which call centers are right for your business.

			Call Center Power, Call Center Matchmaking 3

Perform Our Proprietary Partner Matching Process

Our proprietary partner matching process enables our team of call center advisors to quickly analyze and evaluate the large amount of data we continually manage on our vast network of well vetted, call center partners. There are thousands of call centers around the world but very few will be a perfect match for your business. Our process ensures that we only bring the best call center partners to the table from the start; saving you time, effort and frustration.

			Call Center Power, Call Center Matchmaking 4

Collaborate on Partner Fit

Once the initial call center partner matches are identified, your call center advisor will walk through them with you and your team. We will validate that they meet all of your criteria and review the PROs and CONs of each partner to ultimately choose the finalists who would move on to the Deep Dive Evaluation process.

			Call Center Power, Call Center Matchmaking 5

Deep Dive Evaluation on Finalists

The “Deep Dive” consist of a comprehensive and transparent due diligence process lead by your call center advisor, as you work together to arrive at that final decision. The “Deep Dive” will consist of a series of introduction and discovery calls, site visits, documentation and proposal reviews, solutioning workshops, one on one interviews and more. The key to choosing your perfect call center partner is knowing all there is to know about the call center candidates.

			Call Center Power, Call Center Matchmaking 6

Final Partner Selection

Congratulations! Based on our extensive but efficient process, you have chosen the call center partner that best matches the needs of your business. Now the fun begins!

			Call Center Power, Call Center Matchmaking 7

Contract Execution and Implementation

After you have been matched with your perfect call center partner, we will help you quickly get through contract execution and project implementation. We’ve already secured the best pricing and terms with the partners in our network and we will ensure that the contract is tailored to your specific key performance indicators and service level requirements. Once the contract is executed, we will be a part of the project implementation team that delivers a smooth program launch for your call center operation.

			Call Center Power, Call Center Matchmaking 8

Ongoing 360 Support

“Go Live” has come and gone and now your project is in sustainment mode. Over the life of your project, we will closely monitor the ongoing performance of the call center partner to ensure success. We will also want to maintain a close relationship with you and your team to provide support along the way and make adjustments to the partner model as needed. Your call center advisor will always be there to support you!

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