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Recruiting & Staffing

Efforts should be dynamic with a consistent flow of new applicants to account for any shifts, linked with forecasting and scheduling efforts to anticipate agent needs, and strategic with consistent agent evaluations to determine the right profile.


Processes should include instructional design with content specific for the audience, training facilitation with proven methodologies delivered in an interactive format, and certification to ensure complete readiness before interfacing with customers.

Quality Assurance

A strong QA program ensures soft-skills are in-line with given requirements, protects all parties involved through call compliance, addresses quality oversight of contact channels, and sets behavior expectations with accountability.

Workforce Management

This call center function leverages multiple tools, functions, and personnel to optimize staffing, creates the proper workforce size by balancing service level with agent utilization, and has a healthy environment that fiscally benefits the organization and agents.

Operations & Vendor Management

These functions work side-by-side all other areas effectively, are made up of leaders, supervisors, and agents, partner with vendor managers to drive key performance indicators.

Tools & Technology

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is the foundation of the technology stack that functions as the main platform integrating with the customer relationship management system.

Reporting & Analytics

This portion of the operation is custom built for the call center needs with reporting dashboards and business intelligence analysis to optimize performance on an ongoing basis.

Culture & People Practices

These practices include taking care of the employees in order that they take care of the customers, building and maintaining a culture of trust, development, and participation, and effective hiring, development, communication, and empowerment.

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