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If you frequent our Call Center Corner blogs and other pieces of advice from us, you know that we often cite “lack of morale” or “lack of incentive” as a problem we see in many call centers. These two problems seem basic but can quickly snowball into retention problems, performance issues, and overall dysfunction within an organization. Enter call center gamification! If you’ve been struggling with low morale and lack of engagement from your team, then this is the blog post for you.

In this article we will discuss what ‘contact center gamification’ is and how it can bring incentive into your workplace. With a variety of tips and techniques, you’ll come away fully-armed to implement an effective approach that works best for your organization. And with all sorts of tech advancements available today—think HR platforms like BambooHR or workflow tracking tools like Wrike—we’ll also wrap up with suggestions on how to kickstart an effective implementation right away. So let’s dive in!

What is Contact Center Gamification and Why Is It Essential for Engaging Agents

Are your contact center agents feeling a bit uninspired lately? Why not add a little healthy competition! It’s an innovative way to inject some fun and friendly competition into your workplace. By incorporating game-like elements such as points and rewards, you can motivate your agents to strive for excellence and improve their customer service skills. Not only does this boost employee engagement, but it also leads to a better customer experience. In fact, research has shown that gamification can increase workplace productivity by up to 48%. So, what are you waiting for? Level up your contact center with gamification today!

Benefits of Gamification in the Call Center

Gamification might just be the key to improved workplace culture at a call center. By adding game-like features to your call center environment, your agents will become more engaged, productive, and motivated. Almost like a video game, agents can earn points for answering customer calls, score bonuses for exceeding targets, and level up as they gain experience. This not only adds an element of fun to their daily routine but also creates a sense of healthy competition, among team members. As a result, teams work together towards achieving shared goals, resulting in improved job satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

How to Implement Call Center Gamification Effectively

So how do you implement it effectively? It all starts with setting clear goals and choosing the right game mechanics. Whether it’s incorporating leaderboards, setting up challenges, or offering rewards, it’s important to tailor the gamification strategy to your specific call center environment. Providing regular feedback and recognizing top-performing agents can also increase engagement and motivation. Just remember, gamification shouldn’t replace traditional training and coaching methods, but rather enhance them. By implementing gamification effectively, your call center team can achieve new levels of success and have some fun along the way.

Examples of Gamification in the Contact Center


An easy example for the call center industry is implementing a performance-based game. Announce a friendly competition that will occur during a certain time period and employees will be up against each other for a prize. Whether they are competing for the most calls answered, highest employee satisfaction rating, or most surveys taken by customers, is up to you. Start a leaderboard where employees can earn points, badges, or see how they compare to others in the office. Put employees on teams to make it a group effort.

Social On-boarding

In a collaborative learning setting, gamification can motivate employees to embrace desired behaviors through healthy competition. It leverages three primary motivators – a desire to compete, recognition, and rewards. To encourage valuable contributions to group discussions, answering crucial questions, and reacting and commenting on posts, you can offer rewards in the form of points, badges, and ranks. Perfect for the onboarding or training process.

Gamification in the workplace provides employees with the necessary motivation to contribute to the learning process that benefits their colleagues, ultimately enhancing their perceived ability to overcome challenges and succeed.

In conclusion, contact center gamification helps to improve customer satisfaction and employee engagement. By making competition fun and rewarding achievement, agents can become highly motivated. With its plethora of benefits, there is no reason why businesses should not consider implementing a contact center gamification strategy. To do this effectively, it is important to focus on setting achievable goals and milestones, using motivating rewards and keeping track of progress to ensure desired results are achieved. All in all, implementing gamification into customer service is a surefire way to keep customers happy and create further business success.

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