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In our latest podcast, we had the opportunity to chat with two very special folks to the Call Center Power team.  Jackie Petrilli and Joe Hohmann from Success KPI.  Success KPI has become a strategic partner of Call Center Power’s over the past year and their AI-Powered Contact Center Intelligence platform is second to none, when it comes to providing actionable data to contact center leaders around the globe.  Jackie is one of SuccessKPI’s most successful Channel Managers helping to build strong relationships with a wide variety of partner organizations across North America.  Joe is an Enterprise Account Executive managing all aspects of SKPIs Enterprise level relationships from solution design, implementation and administration.  Both Jackie and Joe are considered true “thought leaders” in the AI and Business Intelligence and Analytics space with access to a broad spectrum of companies, industries, executives, insights and more.  If “it’s” happening in the contact center arena, Jackie and Joe are at the forefront of it.   


In this session, Jackie, Joe and I discussed our thoughts on the impact AI is having on CX as well as some of the mistakes that many companies make when deciding to add AI capabilities to their contact center capability and how important it is for leaders to be very “intentional” in there AI approach.  Right now, we are in the midst of an “AI Arms Race” and many leaders are more caught up in sourcing and implementing “something” versus finding, designing and implementing AI solutions that best meet the needs of their customers and employees.  In addition, we discussed the frenzy and apprehension that was generated in the contact center space back when the internet was beginning to empower customers with many more self-service options and compared that to the AI frenzy of today.  There are many similarities.  

To learn more about AI’s overall impact on CX across all industries, as well as the importance of taking an intentional and thoughtful approach when building and implementing an AI strategy, check out our latest podcast with our good friends from SuccessKPI.

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