How Data-Driven Decision Making Enhances Customer Experience

How Data-Driven Decision Making Enhances Customer Experience

Our last blog covered tech trends in the call center industry that enabled outpacing your competition while also predicting your customer’s needs to remain competitive. With the rise of more advanced service delivery technologies, call center organization’s ability to remain competitive are directly related to their desire to embrace these new technologies, as well as their ability to effectively implement them into their organizations. 

One of the huge benefits of all of this technological advancement in the call center industry is the sheer amount of data we now have access to.  In this  “4-minute read” we would like to touch on Data Analytics. The ONE trend that steers the direction of our industry more than any other

As one of the leading consultants in the call center industry, Call Center Power is in a unique position to learn a great deal from the experiences of our clients,  their customer experience strategies, their challenges, pain points and much more.

Innumerable articles in the industry highlight the importance of data-driven decision making to address customer needs, as well as the great opportunity companies have, to leverage their agents to gather and use “ground level” data.

Agents in contact centers work on the front lines with customers in all industries, enabling them to accumulate invaluable insights into the customer experience journey.  Effective call center leaders do not just use the “normal” reporting tools available to them to gain insights into their business.  They also go “outside of the box” finding other ways to get the important data they need. 

“Out of the Box” Tools to Improve Your Customer Experience

Here are a few good examples of those “out of the box” tools you can use to gather the data you need to continually improve the performance of your operation.

First, digital marketing plays a key role in a successful customer experience strategy. One of the many ways to improve your customer experience with digital marketing is tracking social media buzz through hashtags. Establish hashtags that can relate to experiences with your company. This is an opportunity for companies to receive feedback in real time and address their customer concerns directly. #AwesomeCCOG

Second, use platforms that allow virtual conferences. They help us capture and record all customer calls, meetings, and any type of engagement. Call recordings and voice analytics have been around for a long time now. Video and interaction recorders are the latest. Many leaders use these recordings like a football coach would: to review, practice and game film with their teams, in order to improve long-term techniques, skills and team performance. Reviewing recordings of anything with a critical eye has proven for decades to be a powerful tool to drive improvement.

Third and last, but not least, is the old-fashioned, but highly effective, customer survey. The opportunity your contact center agents have to reach out to customers while on the phone for feedback is priceless. Adding a simple survey is a  great way to get immediate feedback from your customers about the interaction they just had with your organization. If you want to take it a step further, offer your customer a reward for delivering that feedback. Discounts or gift cards always get the job done. If your company gathers emails from clients, you can automate and add more interaction to this process of acquiring feedback from clients.

Call center leaders are creative, resourceful people.  Every day our team at “CCOG” see the partners at our clients pull important data and information on all aspects of their operations. From all kinds of “conventional” and “non-conventional” places.  Great call center leaders know the data is out there. You just have to go find it.

*This blog post is based on information from diverse authors, their articles, and research on the industry.

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