Questions for Your Contact Center Outsourcing Vendor

Questions for Your Contact Center Outsourcing Vendor

So, you’ve worked with a contact center consultant and have chosen to outsource. In the big picture, call centers look alike. Yet, in the case of contact center outsourcing, you cannot be too careful with your brand.

Basic request for proposal (RFP) questions are used to sort out the disastrous and horrible. Before hiring based on basic questions, it’s necessary to dig deeper. After all, a contact center operates on behalf of your business, interacting with your customers directly.

Your line of questioning should become more challenging and harder to answer. Contact center outsourcing vendors who are worth your time will appreciate the thorough approach. The following questions are designed to dig to the root of how a call center vendor will behave.

What is your disaster response?

Disaster can come in many forms when your business is using a contact center outsourcing vendor. Downturns in economy threaten call centers as budgets are slashed, yet customer expectations remain high. Has the contact center gone through a downturn before, and how did they handle it?

Similarly, issues arise during implementation. Systems can malfunction, staffing can be unreliable, and goals can be missed while servicing a new client. Make sure to understand what processes they have in place to keep implementation running smoothly.

Also, challenge the contact center outsourcing vendor on ways they will be able to avoid common issues with implementation.

How will you respond to threats?

One threat that can derail and topple the most prepared call center is a cyberattack. Call centers are most at risk for hacking, as the contact center outsourcing vendor has all your customer data. Pushing a potential vendor on their preparedness for a cybersecurity threat is necessary, as protecting your customer’s data is vital.

Ask them if they’ve ever suffered from a cybersecurity issue. Review their data security protocols, including how they store data in their network. Make sure the company can keep your customer’s data secure.

How can you contribute to opportunities for growth?

Business is a changing landscape, and opportunities can arise quickly. Contact center outsourcing vendors who are agile and prepared can adapt to ensure growth and success for your company. Are they able to deploy additional lines of service quickly? Can they upsell without upsetting your customers? Do they have the core staff and experience?

Nuances in management and experience will affect the company’s ability to flex for your benefit. Plus, a vendor should be able to align their contact center to your company’s strategy and objectives. Make sure their answers are clear and specific.

What types of services do you offer?

Call centers can be made up of a variety of services and offerings. Although you may envision customer support services, vendors who can offer telemarketing and live chat services might provide a benefit as well.

Knowing up front all the services offered will help you decide who has offers the most in potential growth and customer focus.

Do you offer employee training and coaching?

Training and coaching speak to a cultural environment in which the contact center hires and attracts top talent. Once they have hired the best employees, they make sure to keep them with training and coaching.

The best call centers even use contact center consulting to ensure their employees are in optimal condition to handle customer issues and questions. Question vendors regarding their stance on education and coaching, even to the point of asking what is their per-employee spend.

A contact center you want to work with will welcome your questions and have data to prove their actions.

What differentiates you from other contact center outsourcing options?

You might have an idea of what is different between the options. You may be accurate. Rather than assume, push the vendors to answer the question for you. Find out what they think differentiates them. Do they believe they have the best talent? Ask them for data showing that. Do they believe their technology gives them an edge? Push them to show you their technology.

Find out what is their value proposition. Once you learn what they pride themselves on, push them to prove it through hard numbers and data.

How big is your team?

The size of a contact center outsourcing vendor customer service team can differentiate between good and great customer service. A smaller teamtends to offer a deeper level of customer care. Management can communicate more easily with their agents, and coaching occurs more easily with quicker effectiveness.

Using contact center consulting to find the right fit

The world of contact center outsourcing is large with many players. Like finding a needle in a haystack, moving through the RFP process can be time-consuming and challenging. Put your trust in Call Center Power and our contact center consulting to help you find the right outsourcing fit. We have fully vetted partners, and we know the right questions to ask to ensure you have the perfect call center for your business.

Transform your call center operations and exceed the expectations of your customers with best-in-class outsourcing, call center consulting, and technology enablement services. 

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