Call Center Attrition – Understanding this important KPI

Turnover and attrition. A problem that has plagued many in the customer service industry. A QATC (Quality Assurance & Training Connection) study benchmarks the average call center agent turnover rate ranges between 30%-45%. Many look at this KPI as top metric in calculating a call center’s success. The high agent turnover leads to reduced customer satisfaction rates, lower first-call resolution rates, and many other issues. Read more in our latest blog post.

Customer Centric Culture

Customer-Centric Culture

5 MIN. READ In today’s business landscape, “customer-centricity” has become so important that organizations coordinate their efforts and adapt all customer contact points to implement a customer-centric culture in every step of the client journey. Long-term growth and success depend largely on customer loyalty and satisfaction. The Customers 2020 Report predicts that customer experience will overtake product …

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Employee Wellness

Why You Should Prioritize Corporate Wellness in a Call Center Business

Employee wellness is something that businesses are right to take seriously, especially call centers. Thankfully, the idea of corporate or workplace wellness is something that both companies and employees seem to be focused on this year, as evident by this Workforce report. If you’ve been regularly online recently, you’ll know that wellness has become one of …

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