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Client Management

As the Director of a call center, how many times do you have to get on calls with clients or host tours into your center and you are like:

“I wish I could spend less time doing the dog and pony shows, and more time actually managing my business!”

I cannot tell you how many call center leaders I have talked to that have expressed this.  Leading a call center is not easy.  You have tons of metrics and hundreds of people to manage and if you get it wrong, you have everyone in your year to tell you about it.

When it comes to managing clients, the best approach is to be transparent with them.  If you can gain their trust, they will really appreciate and value that.  Also, if you are always looking to improve their processes and you show that you care about their customers, they will grow to depend on you to provide a high level of service to their customers.  As a Service Leader, that is a great position to be in.  The key to effective client management is to over communicate and show your client that you are their PARTNER, not some vendor manager that they avoid talking to unless they absolutely have to.

Having a great relationship with your client can be extremely rewarding and fun!  If you take care of your client and their customers, your client will not want to let you off their project and that is a great place to be!

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